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Equine Reproductive Ultrasound

Mare cycle and pregnancy U/S


Equine reproductive ultrasound is a comprehensive guide to the examination of the equine female reproductive tract....

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Features of Equine Reproductive Ultrasound:

  • Anestrus
  • Transition
  • Estrus or follicular phase
  • Abnormal uterine involution
  • Ovulation
  • Diestrus
  • Foal heat
  • Pregnancy


Equine Drugs

700 Drug Regimens for Horses


Get the App already used by over 6000 veterinary professionals worldwide. Covering over 700 separate dose regimens (for over 440 different drugs), this is a complete reference for any veterinarian treating horses....

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  • 5,000+


Features of Equine Drugs:

  • Database of drugs is updated at least every 3 months
  • The emphasis is on quality of information
  • Drugs can be searched for by generic name
  • Notes are provided for every drug
  • Contains information about the safety of each drug in pregnancy

Equine Dermatology is an essential reference tool for equine veterinarians and students alike....

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Features of Equine Dermatology:

  • Overview of each disease
  • Clinical signs
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment


Foal CPR

Foal CPR for vets and owners


A unique resource detailing at birth foal CPR for veterinarians and horse owners....

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Features of Foal CPR:

  • Notes on CPR for owners and for veterinarians
  • Colour pictures
  • Videos and a sound track to aid the correct timing for CPR
  • Latest CPR techniques for veterinarians