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Cleartune features a unique "note wheel" interface allowing you to quickly find your pitch

Music & Audio

Most electronic tuners cannot properly tune a violin. With a built in temperament for violin family instruments, Cleartune will have the 5ths singing perfectly....

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  • 3.9

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Features of Cleartun‪e‬:

  • Note Wheel Display
  • Ultra responsive 25 cent range fine tuning display
  • Needle Damping option
  • Accuracy ±0.01 semitone (±1 cent)
  • Selectable Temperaments
  • Selectable Notations (such as Solfège)
  • User-defined temperament and notations
  • Support for transposing instruments
  • Automatic reference note calibration
  • Adjustable A4 calibration in 0.1 Hz increment
  • Pitch Pipe/Tone generator
  • Selectable tone waveform
  • Automatic or manual note selection

Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pr‪o‬

iDrumTune Pro is the world’s most advanced, accurate and intelligent system

Music & Audio

iDrumTune Pro is the world’s most advanced, accurate and intelligent system for assisting and educating on drum tuning – used by thousands of drummers all over the world. Now with Drum Kit Designer feature and detailed online tutorials....

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Features of Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pr‪o‬:

  • Pitch Tuning
  • Lug Tuning
  • Resonant Head Tuning
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Drum Kit Presets
  • The Science of Drum Tuning

Amazing Slow Downe‪r‬

Setup seamless loops by touching the "Set" buttons during playback.

Music & Audio

If you're a musician who likes to learn new songs and techniques by listening to the same piece of music over and over but wish that the music could be played a little slower, then you'll enjoy Amazing Slow Downer.


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