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PBSC (previously CycleFinder)

Previously CycleFinder

Travel & Local

PBSC app is for all the urbanites around the world who make bike sharing part of the pulse of healthy city life. Our friendly app has all the features you need to locate a station, quickly rent a bike, and enjoy happy journeys....

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  • 2.6

  • 789

  • 100,000+


Features of PBSC (previously CycleFinder):

  • Find the nearest available bike
  • Mark stations your favorites to easily see their available
  • Login Now
  • Create a new bike share account
  • See details of current trip and trip history
  • Bike at a nearby station


Rent a bike from someone just like you, anywhere in the world. It’s easy and free to list your bike, surfboard, stand up paddle board, skis, or snowboard to make money, help others, & save the environment

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  • 2.7

  • 211

  • 10,000+


Features of Spinlister - Global Bike Share:

  • Rent A Bike On Spinlister
  • Make Money By Listing Your Bike
  • Find A Ride Anywhere
  • Affordable Bike Rentals
  • Rent Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Fixies, City Bikes


Bikemap - Cycling Map & GPS

Bikemap assists you on all of your cycling adventures!

Travel & Local

See important POIs like bicycle rentals, repair shops, charging stations for your e-bike and parking areas directly on the map....

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  • 4.5

  • 34067

  • 1,000,000+


Features of Bikemap - Cycling Map & GPS:

  • Navigate from A to B with stopovers
  • Intelligent voice navigation
  • Offline Routes and Navigation
  • Explore over 6 million cycling routes in over 100 countries
  • A variety of map styles
  • Route optimization for road
  • Find POIs in your area directly on the map
  • Get access to routes of more than 4 million Bikemap users
  • Find the most popular cycling routes nearby