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Top 11 ASO Tools for Increasing App Visibility This Year

Nov 24, 2022

By AppsHive Team

App Store Optimization Tools

There are 2.8 million apps available in the Google Play & App store. This increases the competition for business owners to rank their apps on app stores. However, with app store optimization tools, it's easy to make your app discoverable in-app search engines.

ASO tools are one of the most common and effective devices, which not only help the app bring higher exposure in the app store but also get considerable traffic, boost revenue, and outperform your competitors.

The tools incorporate analytics, well-researched keywords, sentiment analysis, and A/B tracking to find the most effective methods for increasing your app's visibility and downloads.

Making your app discoverable will be easy if you have the best app store optimization tools. So, here is the most profitable ASO tools list that helps you monitor the app's marketplace performance, analyze reviews, track your competition, gain insights, and more.

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Must-Have ASO Tools for Improving App Store Ranking

Must-Have ASO Tools

There are several App Store Optimization tools developers can use to promote their app without investing much in app marketing costs. Check out the various tools you can use to increase organic downloads and help achieve great heights.

1. AppTweak

AppTweak is a one-stop shop for ASO, Ads, apps, and market research. It is data-driven and intended for app and game development. It provides marketers and business owners with market data and practical insights that they can use to boost conversion rate by 11%, as well as grow the number of organic installs by 490% on average. 

The keyword research and suggestion tool on Apptweak enables developers to look for relevant keywords for their applications. As you probably know, the best keyword approach is crucial for ASO helps in increasing app’s visibility and organic download. You can also observe your rivals' keyword usage by keeping an eye on them.

Key Features:
  • Keyword Research and suggestion tools
  • Keyword ranking history
  • Keyword volume and search popularity
  • Keyword impact analysis
  • Check visibility score
  • ASO update history
  • Starter - $69
  • Pro -$199
  • Guru -$299
  • Power -$599

2. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is an excellent app marketing platform for marketers, publishers, and developers. It offers actionable insights into ad performance, competition stats, and app usage. Many enterprises trust this tool, including prominent research institutions, significant news sites, and leading financial firms.

It is one of the best app store optimization tools that help developers engage with the audience through its advanced intelligence tools. This tool offers various data points that help you make better decisions so that you can optimize your app and increase app downloads

Key Features:
  • Analysis of users' review
  • Keyword optimization and translation
  • Provide accurate data on app download and revenue
  • Keyword spy
  • Competitor tracking
  • The Sensor Tower pricing plans are different per platform.
  • Sign up for free or request a demo of any plan.

3. Apptentive

Apptentive is an ASO tool for review and sentiment analysis. It allows publishers to identify user behaviour, such as app purchases and views, to improve client relationships and retention. This free ASO tool for Android & iOS empowers businesses to take customer-centric decisions, thoughts, and hidden challenges to foster brand loyalty among their clients.

Key Features:
  • Create customizable in-app message
  • Increase app rating with Apptentive's Rating Prompt Tool
  • Get feedback from the customers

Apptentive mentions no pricing details. However, the free trial is available.

4. App Annie

App Annie is an excellent app store optimization tool that provides businesses with precise statistics and insights. Companies can develop the best ASO strategy by using the data and optimizing their app to make it unbeatable.

App Annie is among the top ASO Tools that over one lakh users use to make informed decisions, boost exposure, and outperform their competitors.

Key Features:
  • Track your app's performance
  • Check the user's review and find keywords for any app
  • Check the demographic information of the app's users

Sign up for a free App Annie Intelligence and Connect trial.

5. App Figures

App Figure is the most widely used mobile app tracking platform for keyword research and analysis, competitor monitoring and tracking, and keyword rank monitoring. It can automatically connect you to everything necessary for your app's visibility.

The App Figure platform also has a robust tool specially designed for ASO. With it, monitor app performance, uncover new growth opportunities and empower ad performance.

Key Features:
  • App tracking
  • Smart suggestion
  • Discover ranking keywords
  • Know the top-performing app in any category
  • Monitors ads and revenue in your app
  • Connect - $9.99/month
  • Monitor - $35.99/month
  • Optimize -$119.99/month
  • Grow - $299.99/month
  • Explore - $2,999.99/month

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6. AppRadar

App Radar is yet another powerful ASO tool. It allows you to use artificial intelligence to assess how your app is being discovered, find relevant app keywords, and enhance your keyword strategy.

With AppRadar, you can thoroughly analyze your app's discovery and compare it to your competitors to know how your app is performing. Also, this tool promises to save 3 to 4 hours per month.

Key Features:
  • Keyword optimization
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Large keyword database
  • Rating and reviewing management
  • Competitors analysis
  • Starter: €39 per month
  • Advanced: starting from €69 per month
  • Expert: starting from €129 per month

7. Kumulos

Kumulos is an all-inclusive ASO marketing platform. It includes analytics and content management, ASO, push notifications, and more, all in one place.

This ASO tool allows developers to gauge the user's sentiment by providing an overview of the reviews and ratings. The insights are further enhanced by the fact that the evaluations and ratings are country-specific.

Key Features:
  • Search term tracking and ranking
  • Side-by-side performance comparison for the App Store and Google Play
  • Competition listing and screenshot comparisons
  • Country-specific rankings
  • Review tracking
  • Weekly or monthly ASO Reports

A free trial is available to connect with Kumulos

8. Gummicube

Gummicube is among the best ASO tool, which helps improve the app store visibility by ranking for the right keywords. Top companies like Stubhub, Nexon, NBC Universal, Lime and CNBC use Gummicube.

It is one such store optimization free tool that is used by millions of people to improve every element of app store optimization - app title, app keywords, app description, app logo, app screenshots, rating and reviews.

Key Features:
  • Boost organic impressions by optimizing for search.
  • Improve conversion rates by optimizing your content, graphics, and icons
  • Run A/B, split, and funnel testing.
  • Use app focus groups and surveys
  • Optimize Apple Search Ads and Google Ads

Gummicube's price starts at Rs.0.00. Gummicube comes with multiple pricing plans, caters to a diverse customer base, and helps grow your business.

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9. Storemaven

This is among the top app store optimization tools that make app store testing more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. It enables developers to experiment with several creatives for their product's marketing copy and app store sites. A/B testing can be done on symbols, movies, and colours can assist persuade potential users to click the download button.

Furthermore, with such a great ASO tool, you can research your competitors extensively. For example, you can look at what kind of app store optimization strategies your competitors employ and use them for your benefit.

Key Features:
  • Data-driven approach
  • A/B testing
  • Test results analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Personalized ASO strategy plan

To view price choices, marketers must download a free demo.

10. TheTool

This is a free ASO tool for Android and iOS in which you can track everything related to ASO, including organic and non-organic installs, keyword rankings, app store top charts, ratings & reviews, etc.

Endorsed by organizations like Pixonic, Ten Square Games, and Privalia, this best ASO tool provides a simple one-page interface. Moreover, marketers and developers can track and improve every area of their mobile apps and games ASO.

Key Features:
  • Access data from 93 countries
  • Track your app's progress overtime
  • Track how many people are installing your app
Pricing Plan:
  • Startup – €29/month
  • Growth – €69/month
  • Ninja – €199/month

11. Split Metrics

Split Metrics is a superb free ASO tool that leverages A/B testing to reduce UA expenses and drive organic installs. The platform boasts an average conversion growth of 60% while growing online visibility by more than 40%. It meets these objectives by allowing app developers to perform various trials evaluating every aspect of the user's journey.

What's excellent about Split Metrics is that it allows developers to understand how users interact with the app store page. For instance, they can watch how long users watch promo videos or scroll through screenshots.

Key Features:
  • See user's behaviour with analytics
  • Integrate with marketing tools for a more substantial ASO effect
  • Test all elements of your app page, search ads, and category
  • Optimize your app page with a test web page before going live

Split Metrics provides no pricing details. However, you can use a free trial.


How do I choose keywords for the iOS app?

Finding the best app store keywords for your iOS app.

  • Determine the app keyword you want your app to rank
  • Avoid using plurals.
  • Use commas to separate keywords.
  • Avoid using duplicate keywords
  • Update your iOS keywords frequently

How can I improve my ASO?

Below are some of the ways you can use to improve your ASO.

  • Keep keyword within 100 characters
  • Make your app a little descriptive within 50 characters
  • Avoid using a name similar to the existing app
  • Ignore using celebrity names in keyword
  • Add a descriptive keyword in the title
  • Keep your app descriptive and user-friendly
  • Show the best feature in the first two screenshots

Which is the best ASO tool?

AppTweak is among the best ASO tools. Renowned companies like Amazon, PayPal, Adobe, and Udemy use it.


These are the name of some ASO tools to appear on the top results in the App store or Google store. From keyword research and competitor analysis to ad insights, A/B testing, and customer feedback, these app store optimization tools are the building block for a successful app launch and attracting users.

So, whatever your business requirements are, there is an App Store Optimization solution for you. Thus make sure you take advantage of it. After all, if you want to be competitive and ahead of the game in 2023, App Store Optimization tools will assist you in achieving your objectives.

Apart from these tools, you can also connect with AppsHive to promote your app. We are the first ones that compare all the available apps and rank them for user ease. By connecting with us, your app reaches its intended users and ensures your apps can appear in multiple listings that rank in google.