Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Ninja Turtles, and it goes on!

Unless you’re not living under the rock, you might be aware of these characters. Most probably you may have seen the movies of these spectacular characters. And probably you know where these characters have originated from? You guessed it right! Comic Books!

If you are a fan of comic books like Sheldon Cooper is, then you would visit your favorite comic book store as soon as a new comic book arrives. However, in recent times, the crowd at the comic store is not as much as it used to be. Reason? Comic book Apps!

Today, comic book readers have access to thousands of comic books in their smartphone, tablet or kindle. They could read a newly launched comic book on a very first day in a digital form, that too without compromising the reading experience.

The digital revolution has sparked a boom in comic apps. Though, it is crucial that you choose the right comic app, for it is the key to get the best experience of comic stories.

We’ve also brought together the list of best comic apps for Android as well as iOS.

Top Comic Apps For Comic lovers


Comics are part of our childhood. They make our days memorable and fun. These are the best comic apps from our end. We hope you will enjoy these comic book apps.