Gone are the days when we used to share our important data and files using Bluetooth. People have shorter attention spans nowadays. They grow impatient if their time is being wasted. Things have also changed around the technological domain. Chips have become tinier. Wireless technology has seen significant advancements, especially when it comes to file-sharing.

In this week’s review of the best mobile apps, we are going to acquaint you with some of the best file-sharing apps that can save your valuable time by transferring big files in a few seconds. So, next time you send episodes of "Dark" or an entire season of "Breaking Bad," you should try using any of the below-mentioned apps. These are only some app examples. We have also curated an extensive list of File Sharing apps

7 Most Popular file Sharing Apps


When it comes to sharing your file, make sure to keep your data safety a priority. All the apps boast about keeping your data safe; still, it is better to keep yourself alert while giving permissions to any of these apps.

Hence, all the free best file sharing apps provide you the same essential functions with some cherry on top of it. These apps limit your time by accelerating the sharing process and provide you with a seamless experience. Say no to waiting!