Would you like to earn some extra money while surfing the Internet? Of course, you would. You are already spending time online, why not make a few bucks out of it. Today we will be talking about apps that pay you, not in cash but the best equivalent, gift cards.

We're talking about the best free gift card apps that will give you discounts and referrals on popular brands, products, and services.

These apps are not new in the market; such portals existed since the early 2000s when the Internet was new to every home. In those days, these portals were in the form of websites, and now with smartphone development advancements, they have returned with a new face as mobile apps. These are only some app examples. We have also curated an extensive list of Gift Cards Apps

Most Popular Gift Card Apps


Staying at home in this quarantine may have been a very tiresome experience, but thanks to online shopping, there is some thrill in life left. But why just keep paying for all the purchases, why not earn a little something without doing any extra work? With these seven best gift card reward apps, you can earn the best gift cards for popular retail brands by merely surfing the web, watching a video, taking a survey, or uploading a bill receipt. So the next time you shop online or at a store, make sure that you get a money-back with these amazing reward point collection app.