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Can your smartphone help with your healthcare needs? In modern times like ours, Yes! Healthcare is the biggest and most lucrative industry. With Covid-19 virus spreading drastically across the world, it is tough for regular patients to visit their doctors or get proper medical care. That is where medical healthcare apps come in the picture.

There are many types of mHealth apps in the app market for meeting different needs. Some medical apps are for appointment scheduling while some top healthcare apps are for medication reminders, and then there are some apps for healthcare tracking and collecting your medical records.

This promising new lead in healthcare with mobile apps has made several top medical organizations adopt mHealth by hiring an excellent healthcare app development company to build their highly functional healthcare app.

Healthcare Apps Statistics:

  • About 52% of smartphone users save health-related information on their devices.
  • There are at present around 318,000 mHealth apps available in major app stores.
  • 40% of doctors in the US believe that such top medical apps help them lessen the number of on-site clinical visits.
  • More than 1/4th of physicians in the US are using at least one mHealth app.
  • Almost 93% of medical professionals say mobile apps enhance the quality of patient health.
  • 74% of patients say Health apps help them cope with and manage their medical conditions.

Healthcare service providers are building healthcare mobile apps for patients in facilitating clinical correspondence as well as to improve the administration of medical clinics. So, today we will be talking about the best personal healthcare apps for consumers.


In the times when the world is going through a global pandemic, visiting a hospital may cause more harm than good for patients. So, turning to the digital app aspect would be a safe and beneficial approach for doctors as well as patients.

These were our top 7 picks of the best healthcare apps for patients. Did your choice of mHealth app make it to our list? Tell us about your experience of using such medical apps for patients.