I am sure you must have felt that agonizing feeling while watching Chris McCandless- the protagonist of the “Into the Wild” movie - dying because of starvation and mistakenly eating a seed from an unknown dangerous plant thinking that it was edible. Of course, he had a plant identification book with him but I wish there were plant identification apps so that he could have reaffirmed what he was eating.
Fortunately, today's backpackers have a little more privileges in terms of technology and can use apps to identify plants they don't know. They can ensure that whatever they are eating is fit for human consumption.

Are you a gardener like me who loves to see growing plants and flowers in your backyards. Do you often see and wonder what this random garden addition is? Well, with apps for identifying the plants, you can identify that newly grown weed in your patio or a succulent that is given to you as a gift.
You can think of these apps as a “Shazam for plants.” You take a snap of a flower or a plant, and there you go. It will present you with meticulous details about them.

In this article, we have curated the best plant identification apps that will not only help you save your life but guide you in exploring the unseen plants. Let’s delve deeper and find you an ideal plant finder app.

Best Free Apps to Identify Plants and Trees


Lately, people are moving closer to nature through whatever the way they think is suitable for them. Plant identification and collection is one such hobby that is witnessing a growing community. If you are proud plant parents or a hobbyist and don't know how to identify a plant, these best apps to identify plants will definitely help you become an expert in the field.