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You bought so many books, took hundreds of advice from the doctor, and made a list of every possible checklist and charts. But at the end of the day, everything seems to be messed up with the massive pile of stuff.

Does that sound similar to you when got the “Good News” of being a parent? That’s a natural thing, parents-to-be are always eager to find every possible detail of the next nine months. For pregnant ladies, every week counts to be predominant for the baby’s growth. In fact, they are always eager to know about their baby’s growth like the size of an avocado (16 weeks) or head of cauliflower (26 weeks).

Well, there’s an app! Yes, pregnancy apps work as a best friend for the pregnant ladies during this crucial phase of life. Getting answers to every small to the big question is done by these pregnancy apps.

Though, you cannot go wrong with any app in the vital phase of your bump. Henceforth, we came up with the best pregnancy apps, listed after in-depth research and analysis. So, before you decide an app for you and your bump, browse the details given here to get the top rated pregnancy app for your fascinating moments. Let’s skydive! 

Here we have listed only a few apps. If you want to explore more pregnancy tracker apps, you can check this listing of Pregnancy Tracker Apps


Best Free Pregnancy Apps For To-Be-Parents


All pregnancy apps, as mentioned above, are more about the cute moments and lifestyles for expecting moms and their bumps. These are the best pregnancy apps to let all expecting moms enjoy every moment of their precious nine months. The apps connect mom to their baby with a beautiful rainbow of 3D visuals, and it is so mesmerising to look at.

Choose the most suitable app and start knowing about every phase of your baby’s growth.