Imagine you’re reading a book or watching a movie, and you are the main character. Being the hero or villain of the story, you can do whatever you want; it’s thrilling right? But what if you don’t like to read a book or you are not into movies. What if you are a gaming lover. Well, worry not, you can find that thrill in an RPG( Role playing games).

RPG games are a category of game apps in which players will choose their favourite character (role) and try to win the game.

They can be anyone: Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Mage, Etc!

Whatever the role you are willing to play, you will find all these roles easily in any of the RPG games.

However, it is possible that finding the best apps may take your considerable amount of time. So we have sorted out only the best RPG apps ranging from the port of classic genres to mobile exclusives. Check out our collection of best RPG games for iPhone and Android.

Best RPG App Games You Must Play Once


RPG actions give the players a break from the stressful life by allowing them to focus on the world which works under their control. So, after going through this list of best RPG apps, are you tempted to jump into the play?

Start playing and Knock 'em dead!