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Best Times To Drive For Uber

Mar 15, 2022

By AppsHive Team

best times to drive for uber

Uber is one of the most popular taxi apps among both drivers and passengers. As per the report carried out in 2022, today, there are almost 3.9 million uber drivers around the world. However, because of its readily available size, this is not the only reason why driver-partners opt to utilize this application. The most dependable criterion is  "flexibility." The best times to drive for Uber are entirely up to the driver’s choice. There is no such thing as a time limit.

Working for Uber might be a smart and successful part-time hustle if you don't have much upward mobility in your current job. You can earn money in your leisure time and contribute to your bottom line by getting a job to cover your evening or weekend hours. 

Unfortunately, traditional part-time jobs aren't nearly as appealing as they appear. The issue with most part-time occupations is that they need a high level of devotion. If you work at a petrol station or a bakery, for example, you'll be expected to show up on certain days and stick to specific working hours. 

Without wasting your time, let’s get to the point and know how to optimize your earnings while working with Uber.

3 Essential High Gears To Keep In Mind

There are a few factors to keep in mind before you start working for Uber; these include the best times to drive for Uber, the ideal location, and the ideal season. Continue reading to learn more about it.

When You Drive (Best hours to drive for Uber)

Driving for Uber can be stressful because demand is typically higher on Sunday than on any other day of the week. The best times to drive for Uber, according to high-earning drive-partners, is Friday through Sunday. These schedules are ideal for making money with Uber.
The busiest times during the week are in the mornings, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., and in the evenings, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., when people commute home after long shifts.
However, because demand for rides is consistently highest on weekends, particularly from late afternoon to early morning (early morning), i.e., 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., it is regarded as the best hours to drive for Uber on weekends.
Many individuals spend their weekends in the city's most popular restaurants and nightclubs. When it comes to getting back to their destinations, the only safe option is to hire an Uber. As a result, some Uber drivers chose weekends as their best time to drive for Uber and earn a lot of money.

Where You Drive (The ideal location)

Your location determines the best times to drive for Uber. The Uber Driver app does an excellent job of displaying high-traffic areas where you can make more money.
This is a factor in Uber's "surge pricing.” The pricing is directly proportional to the demand, i.e. when demand is high, the fares are doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled. Remember that a surge is defined by where the rider is requesting from, not where you are; thus, you will only receive the increased pay if you reply to a surge request. These will be highlighted on your app, and with a bit of practice, you'll be able to learn your surroundings and the optimum times to drive quickly.
Also, keep your working area to a minimum. Working within a small radius rather than covering a broad region can help you earn more money. It not only saves you money on petrol, but it also allows you to get from one job to the next swiftly.
It may take some time to figure out where the hotspots are located. However, you could find it easier to save money once you've done so.

What Time of Year Do you Drive (The ideal season)

It's that time of year for businesses to pick up! Shops and retailers are preparing for increased visitors and sales throughout the holiday season, but that's not all. There will be a lot of people who require transportation during the holidays. The peak season for Uber drivers begins in October and lasts until December and is considered the best times to make money with Uber.


On the spookiest day of the year, the number of passengers climbs. Many people may require transportation to and from special events and a ride home from candy collecting. If you're planning on driving throughout the day, the hours of 5 to 7 p.m. are the busiest for Uber and are the best hours to drive for Uber.


Thanksgiving and Black Friday are two days in November that can significantly impact a driver's earnings. While many people prefer to stay at home on Thanksgiving, others like to extend their thanksgiving celebrations into the night, necessitating transportation. And, because Black Friday is so soon after Thanksgiving, there will be an increase of riders rushing to get to the stores in time.


Because the holidays are in full swing during this time, most of December sees an upsurge in passenger transit. Shopping, holiday parties, and activities will take place at all hours of the day and night; being in the right place at the right time can make a significant difference in your earnings.
While December is already one of the busiest months of the year, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve are especially important.
It's a terrific opportunity to earn more money and get the most out of your side hustle because the busiest time of year for Uber drivers is during the holidays.

Tips for Boosting Earnings

Here are some helpful hints to boost your revenue:

1. Drive at the appropriate times and locations. It'll make all the difference if you get this balance correct.

2. Work for several different ride-sharing applications. While Uber is the most refined platform to work for right now, several other rideshare companies provide discounts and bonuses. Check out our PHV Operator guide for a list of the best ride-sharing applications.

3. Take advantage of the special offers. PHV operators are continually offering different promotions to entice drivers. You must drive at specific times or meet particular ride quotas for bonuses. Keep an eye out for these in your Uber applications when they become available.


What is the average earning of an Uber driver per hour basis nowadays?

The overall earning solely depends on the working hours, but most Uber drivers earn between $15 and $20 per hour on average. To make that hefty amount, drivers must be present at the most profitable times and areas. Driving on weekends, especially at midnight, as well as during major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and New Year's Eve might earn you a lot more money.

What are some frequent misunderstandings about Uber drivers, their earnings?

Uber drivers may earn $15-$20 per hour on average, but they are also responsible for their expenditures, including petrol, maintenance, and taxes.

What are some of the drawbacks of Uber driving?

Many drivers enter the industry hoping to earn a few hundred dollars per week, but they must meet the same reporting standards as a small business. Because drivers are self-employed, they must deal with mileage tracking, rideshare insurance, and taxes. Fortunately, companies are ready to assist the drivers with such services (free mileage tracking).

What are some of the most significant advantages of driving for Uber?

It is often considered that Uber is the most flexible job globally. As an Uber driver, you have complete control over the time and location and how you use the app. You can choose to do the rides as per your suitability and availability.

What advice would you provide to someone considering becoming an Uber driver?

The best part of working for Uber is its ease of getting started. The Uber driver criteria are relatively straightforward, and as long as you can pass a background check, have a smartphone, and have a car, you should be fine.

What are the requirements for someone who wishes to drive for Uber?

The requirements are not too much, compared to other jobs. All you need to have is a smartphone with internet and a car. The next step is to apply online and get your background check verified. Do not worry if you don't own a car, and you can get the benefit of rideshare leasing and rentals offered by Uber. These are highly flexible and include unlimited miles.

List of the Best Apps for Drivers


What's keeping you from putting in the extra effort to earn more money? Get your driver's license and begin your part-time job as an Uber driver-partner. You can also try some uber alternatives that might have better commission rates and flexibility.