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Women’s safety is a prime concern in almost every corner of the world. Thousands of crimes are filed every year by women.  

A statistic claims that almost 85%  of the women have gone through some kind of harassment at least once in their life. What is alarming is that 1 out of 3 women have multiple times have faced physical violence throughout their lifetime.  

But a recent development in mobile technology has presented promising results in women’s safety problems. Women safety apps are now playing the role of a protector or a personal bodyguard; Especially when women are traveling late at night or to some unknown places. For providing faster access to local police authorities and enhancing their confidence when they are alone, there are multiple women security apps in the market with a variety of features.

In this article, we will be talking about the best women safety apps that protect women in every uncomfortable or unpleasant situation they face at a certain time.

Best Safety Apps for Women


Apps for women’s safety have become a need of the hour. Every country is coming up with the best women safety apps to assure the security of women. These are the 7 top women safety apps that we found to be the best of all. Hope the apps will be helpful to you.