Finding yourself in stress, or worried due to this pandemic? Well, who is not? But it’s these tough times that put our patience and mental stability to the test.

Marcus Aurelius was the emperor and a stoic philosopher of Rome. During his time he had faced the worst plague in European history. Still, he fairly managed to control the chaos and handled the politicians and most importantly the people of Rome with his integrity and strong moral values. We also get entangled in stressful situations every now and then. But a quiet mind is all you need to overcome these adversities.

Yoga is one of many ways to control your monkey mind. We have been hearing about yoga and its benefits for a long time now. Practising yoga every day will bring a lot of benefits in your life. As a newbie, it may not be easy to practise yoga without guidance. Thanks to the technology; in the form of yoga apps you can and practise yoga anywhere and anytime.

There are dozens of yoga apps available in the App Store as well as Play Store, but how to choose the best which is easy and accurate for the yoga lessons? We have compiled a collection of the best 5 yoga apps that will help you practice it from your living room and reap all the benefits. If you want to see more apps then we have a list of 80+ Yoga Apps.

Best Apps for Yoga To Learn Yoga Anytime & Anywhere


To live a healthy and stress-free life it is essential that you make yoga the part of your daily routine. The above mentioned are the best yoga apps that are worth downloading and using. If you are not satisfied with our picks, then you can explore these list of Yoga Apps