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Imagine entering your office after a rough weekend, reaching to your desk you see your favorite book wrapped in a red ribbon or a cactus plant with a note with a smiley and quote. Turns out it is given to you by your manager praising your month’s excellent performance. How would you feel? Wouldn’t it uplift you and help you forget the dreadful weekend you had. Even it might motivate you to perform better in the next month also.

Employee recognition apps not only allow top-level authorities to appreciate or loud employees but lets employees motivate and cheers their peers through reward points, bonuses, and gift cards. Employee rewards apps are useful in boosting the workers’ morale and productivity to a great extent. It encourages them to take an active part in new campaigns and perform better. They feel that their hard work is paying off for whatever inputs they are giving to the firm.

Are you a small or a big company willing to integrate employee recognition and reward software for better productivity and employee appreciation? We have shortlisted some of the best employees recognizing apps that have different features and functionalities. Based on your need, pluck the appropriate one for your organization and allow your employees a chance to appreciate each other.

Best Free Employee Recognition Apps


Employee appreciation and recognition have become an imperative part of any organization irrespective of their size. Till now, most of the employee performance and meetings were held annually where employee of the year was declared. But today most companies prefer to acknowledge either employees’ performance throughout the year. They know employees are the bedrock of their company’s success. These best employee recognition apps are the ideal way to praise your employees on a daily basis and keep them motivated.

Choose a suitable peer recognition app that suits your requirements and create a company culture that your employees love.