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Hinge Vs. Bumble - Which Offers Better Dating Experience?

Jan 05, 2023

By AppsHive Team

Hinge Vs. Bumble

Getting butterflies in the stomach is one of the most beautiful human experiences. Such is the spell of love that the whole of human history thrives soaked in romantic verses. However, the modern world has brought changes in the ways of courtship.

Online dating has become the norm. Today, numerous dating apps try to be the bridge between people looking for a partner. Hinge and Bumble are two of the most popular dating apps. While both offer smooth dating experiences, some things set these apps apart and make them preferred by different groups.

So, which dating app wins the Hinge vs. Bumble battle? We'll differentiate between these two and reveal the best choice for you.

Hinge Dating App: What's Good and What's Bad?

Different generations hold different ideas of what relationships are like. For example, if we think about the Frank Sinatra era, people used to prefer looking and falling and staying together forever. However, the modern pace has consumed a big chunk of people's time.

This means people prefer short flings over lifetime commitments. But there still are romance seekers that look for deeper spiritual connections. This gave birth to the app called 'Hinge' in 2012.

Hinge is a dating app that has a dating framework supporting long-term relationships. The app claims to be a haven for those seeking lasting relationships. Let's learn more about the brighter and darker sides of the app.

What Makes Hinge a Good Dating App?

Hinge Dating App


1 - Long-term relationships:

Although how long a relationship lasts depends on the persons involved, Hinge significantly enhances the quality of the relationship due to its working system. To understand this, we must first understand its working mechanism. So, how does Hinge work? Hinge dating app, unlike Tinder, eliminates the swipe-and-date system. It has a matching algorithm that tends to bring potential people toward each other. This algorithm works on factors like the neighborhood, age, religious beliefs, children, family plans, etc. So, still, wondering if Hinge is for dating or hookups? If you are looking for the best dating apps that foster long-lasting bonds, then Hinge is your answer.

2 - Seeing the like:

Unlike Bumble, you can see who has liked you on Hinge. This feature is free. However, the likes won't be shown to you straight away. These likes will be mixed into the regular profiles.

3 - Better profiles:

Instead of simply uploading pictures, Hinge requires its users to build a profile on many factors. This leads to groomed-up profiles that help its users profoundly understand each other.

4 - Scientifically curated matches:

There are Hinge Labs researchers, behavioral analysts, and matchmakers who see how dating and compatibility work. This infusion of psychological aspects makes Hinge better in terms of compatibility.

Where does Hinge Disappoint?

1 - Price Factor:

Most dating apps provide free profile matching. However, these free features limit what we can do within a dating app. This means taking a premium subscription to cherish added benefits and meet kinder people instead of creeps. Hinge offers premium membership at the cost of $29.99 per month, $59.99 ($20 a month) for three months, and $89.99 ($15 a month) for six months. So, price-wise, Hinge loses the Hinge vs. Bumble battle.

2 - Lower user base:

When we talk about dating profiles, the number of users becomes a prime factor. The more people use the dating app, the higher the chances of getting potential matches. Compared to Bumble, Hinge has a lower user base, totaling around 20 million. Because of this, most people have often complained that Hinge has profiles similar to those on other dating apps.

Bumble Dating App: What's Good and What's Bad?

Bumble: a dating app by a woman for women. Founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd in the year 2014, this app has revolutionized the dating world. Unlike most dating apps that are male-centric, this app gives women an upper hand. Apart from it, Bumble was also prominently designed to support homosexual courtship.

What Makes Bumble a Good Dating App?



1 - Women have the right to message first:

Tired of creeps texting you unwanted words? If yes, then Bumble is your answer. But how does Bumble work to help women? Unlike other dating apps, when a match happens in Bumble, the guy can only text the girl once he gets the first text from her. This makes Bumble a women-friendly dating app. And if you are wondering if Bumble is used for hookups, then know that it is not because of being women-friendly.

2 - Higher user base:

Bumble has a total user base of around 40 million. This gives people a great pool to look into and find their perfect match. So, price-wise the Hinge vs. Bumble battle is won by Bumble.

3 - Better price:

We all know dating is a costly affair, but in the modern world dating starts to cost far before two people meet. However, Bumble tries to bring in some ease in the price area. Bumble Boost – premium membership that gives you unlimited likes, extends, rematches, backtracks, etc. – costs $8.99 per week, $16.99 per month, $33.99 ($11.33 per month) for three months, or $54.99 ($9.16 per month) for six months.

4 - Bumble Bizz:

Bumble is much more than just dating. If you are looking for like-minded people to create a network, Bumble is your answer. Apart from it, Bumble also has a BFF feature that helps people find friends on the platform.

Where does Bumble Disappoint?

1 - Doesn't support long-term relationships:

Because the app uses a simple swiping feature, people fall into the fast dating culture. The profiles need more information that people could look into and decide. This means people like each other based on pictures rather than compatibility. If you are looking for a dating app that supports long-lasting relationships, Bumble might disappoint you.

2 – 24 Hour limit:

If a woman doesn’t respond to your message within 24 hours after matching with you, your efforts fall to ruins. Bumble deletes matches that do not interact with each other within 24 hours.

Differentiating & Winning Factors of Bumble vs Hinge:

Differentiating Factors Bumble vs Hinge: Which App Wins?
Long-term relationships Hinge
Price Bumble
Women-friendly Bumble
Extra features Bumble
More number of profiles Bumble
Compatibility Hinge
Seeing who likes you for free Hinge


So, still trying to understand which app takes the upper hand in Hinge vs. Bumble? The answer lies in what you prefer. Where Hinge is better for men, Bumble gives women the benefit of making the first move. If you are looking for an app that leads to lifelong bonds, try out Hinge. None is your answer if you are hunting for the best hookup apps. Any relationship depends more on the mindsets of two people rather than the dating app used. So, when choosing any dating app, create a profile that speaks everything about your needs.