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How to Find the Right Dog Walker: Foolproof Tips

Apr 01, 2022

By AppsHive Team

Dog walker

Many dog owners reach a point where their dog requires more walking than they can supply. It could be that we need someone to take over dog walking for a while due to a short-term period of overtime at work or an injury. When we're at work, some dogs require exercise during the day. And, on occasion, due to age, health, or a lack of time, a dog may require more exercise than its owner can supply. That's when we start to wonder how to pick a reliable dog walker.

We do, however, have options. Professional, trustworthy dog walkers are now available worldwide in many towns and cities. Dog owners are no longer reliant on the local adolescent needing cash. We put a great deal of faith in dog walkers. They have access to our houses, and we entrust them with our cherished pets. It's critical to pick the appropriate person you can trust and who can satisfy your dog's unique requirements.

Recommendations are frequently the most effective strategy to locate any specialist. Ask other dog owners in the area for recommendations, and see if your veterinarian can make any recommendations. Is there an online group for dog owners or an organization for your town in your area? Another location to look for recommendations could be there. Suggestions from others are only the beginning. How do you find a dog walker and trainer for your pet once you list a few names?

What Questions to Ask to Your Potential Dog Walker

The basic step in finding a dog walker is to ask simple questions to weed out those who don't meet your standards. 

  • Does insurance cover you? What types of things does it cover? Dog walkers should carry public liability and third-party liability insurance.
  • What kind of education do you have? Before becoming a professional dog walker, what type of breed experience did you have?
  • Do you have any experience with canine first aid? What kind of first-aid materials do you have with you?
  • Do you walk the dogs in groups or on your own?
  • Do you walk the dogs yourself, or do you enlist the help of others?
  • How will you keep my house key safe? They mustn't have your name or address on the key fob, and keeping your key separate from your personal information is a reliable security measure.

These are just the basics of how to find a dog walker and choose them wisely. Even if you get a lot of decent replies, you can end up with many good candidates. So, how do you choose a dog walker from your list of candidates? It's critical to meet them and ensure that you and your dog are comfortable with them. Dogs are superb character assessors, and your dog needs to have a good relationship with the walker. It's also essential to trust your instincts.

Many elements are dependent on your personal preferences and your dog's demands.

  • Do they walk their dogs around the neighborhood or take them to a park or hiking trail? 
  • Is your dog properly socialized, and if yes, how well? 
  • What do they do when a group of loose dogs approaches them on a walk? 
  • How long do walks last? 
  • What is their policy about inclement weather? 
  • Will the walker clean your dog if it becomes wet or muddy on a walk?

The next step is to go on a trial walk with the potential walker and your dog to make sure they're a good match. 

  • Does the walker match your dog's pace? 
  • Are they composed, assured, and in command? 
  • Is your dog happy to be walked by this individual? 
  • Does this person appear to be enjoying themselves while walking your dog? 
  • Is it true that they clean up after your dog?

How to Hire a Perfect Dog Walker for Your Pet

It might be upsetting when you leave for vacation or work and don't know who will look after your pet! We understand that these pet-loving specialists make pet parents' lives easier. Dog walkers provide peace of mind. Looking for a dog walker but unsure how to find the ideal one to look after your pet. We can help!

Here are some of our finest tips before finding a dog walker:

how to hire a perfect dog walker


Understand the Requirements

A passion for animals isn't enough to make someone a competent dog walker. Experience working with animals of different types, breeds, sizes, and personalities matters greatly. You'll want someone familiar with dog behavior. 

Dog behavior is how canines communicate and show things like love, anxiety, and tension, "and if a dog handler does not grasp the distinct and subtle indicators, the dog and anybody around him could be in danger.

Know your Dog and his/her Requirements

Some dogs like sniffing (and peeing on) every blade of grass. Others are startled when they see a squirrel and flee. On the leash, some dogs are friendly, while others might be hostile. Your aging Dachshund might take a few steps and collapse, whereas your neighbor's Bulldog needs a big gallop. Before selecting the ideal dog walker, you must first comprehend your dog's behavior.

Determine the Service Requirements by a Dog Walker

Is it once a day, twice a day? Is it only when you have to work late that you use it? When you're looking for a dog walker, you'll need to know when you need his services.

Make a Budget for Yourself

Who is available to you may be determined by the amount of money you are willing to spend. You should do some research to determine the pricing range in your location.

And now, as you are done with the primary considerations, let's look at the right and reliable dog walker hiring process.

Make Use of Your Connections

Recommendations are a terrific place to start. Check with friends and other dog owners to see if they have any recommendations. Numerous apps that can assist you in finding a local dog walker, like Rover, Wag, Scout, are a few of the best options to look into.

During Interviews, Ask the Right Questions

Once you've found candidates, interview each one and ask them a few key questions. "What do you like best about what you do as a walker?" is the most crucial question. This usually leads to answers to the most frequently asked questions. Because not all dog walkers are as human-social as they are dog-social, shorter responses may reflect their personality rather than their performance. On the other hand, you must be at ease, so communicate your expectations upfront.

Make Arrangements for Meet-and-greets

It's a meetup time now! Once you've decided on a few potential dog walkers, it's crucial to see how the two communicate. Observing your dog's reactions to the person when they first meet is a fantastic method to ensure you've found a good dog walker. 

Does your dog appear joyful or excited, or does he hide? Observing a dog's behavior as a human will tell you a lot. You could even want to go on a test walk together to see if the dog and the human are a good match.

Many dog walkers and dog walkers demonstrate their devotion to their charges your pets in every interaction. You'll know when you've found a pet sitting gem, and your pets will benefit!


How do I find a dog walker in my area?

The good news is that you have many resources to help you locate the perfect match. Begin by asking those who are closest to you,  family and friends are significant assets. Ask your neighbors for referrals for reputable dog walkers in your area, or a visit to the veterinarian for a reference list of suggested dog walkers in the region.

What is the best way to find a dog walker?

Although there are other options for finding the best dog walker, the most reliable method is using the best dog walking apps. Go online to the most trusted sources and find a match. You'll discover individuals to interview for your dog walking needs on review sites like Nextdoor, Yelp, and Google and the best dog walking apps like Rover and Wag!

These dog-walking apps are available for download on your smartphone, where you can read reviews and download them. You can look into the pros listed after you've decided on the best dependable dog walking app, and voila, you're ready to go.

What to look for in a dog walker?

There are multiple considerations to look into, but how to find a dog walker who is trustworthy and reliable? What to look for in a dog walker before hiring the potential candidate?

Always watch your dog's behavior and try out a walker before making a long-term commitment.

  • What kind of training methods does the dog walker employ with the pets?
  • Who is in charge of walking?
  • Does the dog walker take the dogs to an off-leash park, or do they walk them on a leash?
  • Is your dog in any way being transported?
  • Is your dog walker certified in pet first aid?
  • Is your walker covered by insurance, and is it bonded?
  • Does your walker have a lot of positive feedback or references?
  • Do you get a report at the end of each walk?
  • What is the availability of your dog walkers?
  • What is the dog walker price for the services?


Your dog walker is a crucial part of your life and your dog's life. So how to find a dog walker who is both trustworthy and reliable is something that needs to be kept in mind. These dog walkers have a key to your house and spend time with your dog, whether they walk him once a week or multiple times a day. As your dog walker looks after your pet, let them know how much you appreciate them. During the holidays, tip your dog walker and leave a positive review if they have an online presence.

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