Online Dating vs Traditional Dating: The Right Way to Start Your Epic Love Story!

Feb 16, 2022

By AppsHive Team

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Online dating vs traditional dating- A clashing word in the world of romance!

I know it doesn't make sense; that's why I trust it - Titanic movie

The truth is down in the roads of life; we need someone. Yes, that someone special, someone you can proudly say your own.

Surprisingly, when we researched some singles groups, the major concern was 'how and where to find the perfect partner'?

That's when we realised that most people want a life partner but can't find one. Also, many people were in a quandary about which is the best approach to finding a life partner. Online dating or traditional dating?

Let us examine each option in detail by understanding the pros and cons of these dating methods.

Online Dating Pros and Cons: Explained

For some people dating apps bring in different benefits and, for some, a nightmare. So, let's explore what the options serve you.

Online Dating Pros: For Moments like No Other!


3 out of 5 relationships start online!

1. A Golden Opportunity for Introverts

Did you know most love stories never happen because people just can't talk out their feelings?

Weird but true!

If you have watched the movie 'To all the boys, I've loved before and how Lara Jean keeps secretly writing letters to her crushes but never dares to send them!

Thankfully, now lovers have sailed from love letters to love sites for communicating their feelings. And it seems that many introverts are finding it a lot easier to express their love through online dating apps.

2. Eliminate your Fear of Rejection

What is the one thing we are afraid of in your love life?

Of course, REJECTIONS!

A hell of overthinking will reject you in person and make things worse than it is.

With online dating apps, the pace of your dating life is great. For instance, you can take some time to judge what is on the other person's mind.

3. Opportunity of Crossing Newer Paths

"I love her for her smile—her look—her way

Of speaking gently,—for a trick of thought

That falls in well with mine, and certes brought

A sense of pleasant ease on such a day"— Elizabeth Barret

No, love is not about how the other person looks and not how they dress. On the other hand, it is about falling for someone's attitude, smile and mind.

Unfortunately, conventional dating was through meeting someone's friend or through your family connections. Well, this way of dating serves you with the same variety of dishes.

The best part about meeting people online is connecting with someone with a different culture or nationality, yet having the same personality like YOU!

There are myriads of online dating apps, hookup apps and LGBT dating apps available too. Hop on and log in to these fantastic dating apps that offer you a fabulous opportunity to meet a new person.

I have looked at you in millions of ways & I have loved you in each.

4. Outsmart your Insecurities

You may find many people who have had negative experiences in the past. Therefore, they are afraid to date again.

Sending them on a date is a big task!

Interestingly, online dating apps work beautifully for such people. They can sit in the comfort of their home and start chatting with a date.

This way one feels more secure in giving love a second chance.

So, these were some of the advantages of online dating. Next in line is how the apps can, at times, prove harmful to you.

Online Dating Cons: Oops! It All Went Wrong

Online Dating Cons

I hope you will never use me! -Pepper Spray

1. Beware of Catfish

Many instances are being reported of fake profiles. At times these issues become pretty vulnerable. Moreover, it's untransparent and often, a bot talks to you.

Majorly, these issues are faced in unauthenticated applications. So, one has to be alert and pick the trusted dating apps that actually aid you in finding love.

2. Sometime, it can be Dangerous

Be aware of meeting a sick mind person while dating online.

Yes, many people had an awful experience meeting their dates in person. Additionally, it becomes tough to know the other person's actual intention.

A pro tip would be carrying a pepper spray or being a little extra cautious about your first meet.

3. Online May Prove A Costly Affair

Yes, love sometimes comes with a price.

Most of the websites often charge you a price to access their services. But again, the free online services sites prove to be dodgy.

Any trusted and authentic dating website charges you some basic amount to access their services. Also, there are monthly charges you have to pay or, at times, higher costs to access their prime services.

4. It's Hard to Evaluate Your Relationship

Chatting online, butterflies in the stomach may seem too indulging but is your relationship heading somewhere?

A big flux!

What if you are disheartened to learn that the other person had a different intention.

Maybe you thought way too much about it? Maybe you made too many expectations just based on your daily chat?

We know it's disheartening.

Therefore, people avoid online dating services and choose only face-to-face interaction with their date.

Is Online Dating Better than Traditional Dating

Gone are the ways of dating where popular movies like 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'Working Girl' portrayed the traditional approach of dating. Now people want things to speed up.

Modern dating is way different from the previous decades. Well, online dating apps have a larger pool of people than your mother knows or your best friend.

According to people, the old ways of meeting someone at the bar are no longer prevalent.

Also, the surge in the number of users using online dating websites has been phenomenal. Well, sure, this online dating seems a unique concept in pursuing romance.

Online dating is a modest positive addition to the world - Most Online Dating App Users

But when it comes to security and safety, without any doubt, the traditional approach brings you more benefits.

Also, meeting one-on-one gives you a lot more confidence and clarifies where the relationship is heading.

So? Which one to choose among online dating vs traditional dating? Let's conclude our debate.

Which One Is Better: Traditional Dating or Online Dating? Why?

None of these approaches can guarantee you that you will find love. But yes, we firmly believe that if you want something in life, you need to ask and work for it.

Even it means taking steps for your love life. Yes, traditional dating can work great for you, but what if your soulmate searches via online dating apps?

Well, today, with the world being so busy, trust me, no one has the time to look for you on the empty bars. On the other hand, the smart generations are opting for smarter solutions.

The increasing number of users on online dating apps clarifies that today people prefer online dating apps to find their 'special someone.

' So, grab your phone and take that first step towards your love. Download some fabulous trusted online dating apps.

"Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness." – Anne Frank.