TickTick vs. Todoist: Which is Better?

Jun 10, 2022

By AppsHive Team

Ticktick vs Todist

According to the report by Million Insights, The global productivity app market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1% from 2021 to 2028.

The major chunks of this category is dominated by to-do list apps and collaboration apps.

This article focuses on the two powerful to-do list Apps: Todoist and Ticktick. When we talk about Tick tick vs. Todoist, both the apps offer you at par benefits. They can be your helping hand in managing your work in the best manner. But what makes these apps so popular among professionals?

Let's explore, which one is perfect for you

What is a TickTick App?

TickTick is a solid task management app used for professional or personal reasons. The app is used for free or even in premium versions. It offers reduced prices for students and teachers and for people pursuing education.

The app offers features in the free version, but to avail of all the app features, you have to get the premium version. With the excellent interface, it has impressed its users. So, let's explore the features of the application.

Features of TickTick:

  • Note Taking: Easily list down the notes like traditionally we did with pen and paper.
  • Desktop and Mobile widget: You can set a widget for easy access from your Desktop.
  • Works with Smartwatches (Apple & Android): Works seamlessly with your bands and smartwatches.
  • Web Clipper: Clip your vital notes on your Desktop.
  • Nested Labels: Some sub-labels go under top labels. So one can create a parent label by the name of the project and then include the stages of the project.
  • Color-Coded Notes: Beautifully design your notes that look capturing and enticing.
  • 4 levels of priority: You can create tasks and give subtitles according to the task priority. Powerful writing mode: Choose a bold, Italic underline that makes your notes more manageable.
  • Kanban View: Either add your images in a grid view or list view.
  • Voice Input: Easily note down your notes through your voice.
  • Turn Email into Task: Integrate with your email and get your essential emails transferred into notes.
  • Location Reminder: Get a reminder by the ticktick app whenever you want to get reminded at any place. So, the next time you walk in and your phone alerts you.
  • Sharing: Share your notes with your friends by providing them with the link.
  • Achievement score: You can get a score on how you are performing the tasks.
  • Statistics: Get a full report based on your notes.
  • Summary: The app will provide you with a detailed overview of your task.

What Makes TickTick Unique?

1. Eisenhower Images

Simply by putting tasks in the images, one can get an excellent view of the tasks on the task list. It helps to get productive, prioritize and manage things on time. The list of tasks or plans is categorized according to their urgency and importance.

Elsenhower Images

TickTick offers you this beautiful way of sorting things out in an attractive way. It will allow you to list items in four possible categories.

First Quadrant (upper Left): Urgent & Important

Second Quadrant (upper Right): Important, but not Urgent

Third Quadrant (lower Left): Not Important, But Urgent

Fourth Quadrant (lower Right): Neither Important nor Urgent

2. Habit Tracking

Even the Todoist app provides you with the habit tracking feature, but the tick tick feature is far better than any other note-taking app.

Habit Tracking

Unlike any other app, habit tracking takes minute details of your tasks. For instance, you can type in the exact number of fruits you ate or push-ups you did in a day. So, you can get all the reports and make the analysis quickly. There are even other best habit tracker apps available in the market that solely stand on tracking your habits.

3. Calendar View and Integration

Other apps provide the calendar view in their application, but it is only the ticktick app that offers the integration option. You can easily give reminders on your Google calendar with the app. So, you don't need any other place to save the information.

So that was all about the tick tick app. Well, the popularity of ticktick has been gaining immensely. On the other hand, the app that has set a high bar for note-taking apps is the Todoist app. Yes, it's a ticktick alternative app. Let's explore whether tick tick is better than todoist.

What is a Todoist App?

If you need to manage your task by yourself or in collaboration with others, then the todoist app is your app. It has been so easy and often used for professional and personal reasons.


In simpler terms, the todoist is the updated version of how you managed your task earlier. One can easily manage the task by assigning the task to a colleague. The free version of the app allows you to create a limited number of projects. However, one has to pay $3.99 monthly or $35.99 annually, which will enable you to grab all the features. Let's find out where todoist stand when we talk about tick tick versus todoist.


  • Note Taking: You can take notes in the application.
  • Supports Voice Note Taking: Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
  • Special Characters: Save the file with a particular character
  • Quick Add: Let you capture and organize tasks in seconds.
  • Sections & Subtasks: This allows you to create subtasks in the main functions.
  • Favorites: One can add favorites notes to get access quickly.
  • Delegate Task: With the app, you can assign tasks to your colleagues and manage your task accordingly.
  • Productivity Visualization: weekly and monthly reports aid you in achieving your goals efficiently.
  • Activity History: Know your activity history just by searching for any project.
  • Integration: Amazon Alexa, calendar, Dropbox, Zapier, IFTTT supports todoist.

The app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows desktops.

What is Unique about Todoist App?

1. Karma Feature:

If you want to measure your productivity, then the unique karma feature in the app. It aids you in calculating your productivity level. For instance, you create color-coded notes based on your completed task, and you can mark off the done job. The application will provide you with a weekly or monthly report based on your completed assignment.

Well, tick tick doesn't avail you with this particular feature. Therefore, the part indicates how you spent your time, and Karma is enough to gauge your productivity.

2. Folder Feature:

A beautiful feature of collecting things in the folder gives you the power to locate your vital information quickly. Unlike the tick tick app, the todoist app provides you with the option of getting your notes in the folder.

So one can create a folder as per your project and delegate it to your colleague. Further, the changes would be saved in the folder. So, whenever you feel like checking the progress of an assignment, you need to go to the folder to get all the latest updates.


Tick tick vs. Todoist: Which App Is Suitable for You?

Tick tick or Todoist both are well-established apps in the market. As per the testimonials of some of the people, both the applications are fantastic to use.

Some features are better in todoist while some in tick tick. It's advisable that if you note down your needs and then scan through the features of both the apps, then it would be great.

Even other to-do list apps offer different features, and you can even look at them and decide which one best suits your needs.