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Uber vs Bolt: Which is the Best?

Mar 22, 2022

By AppsHive Team

Uber vs Bolt comparison

Uber and Bolt, two of the most excellent ride-hailing apps, have become fierce competitors. They have disrupted the way we commute in cities like the UK, Nigeria, and London. Riders and drivers will find many similarities between the two services. However, it would be a bit challenging to say which one of these ride-hailing apps is better than the other as they offer similar services differently.

Also, both Uber and Bolt have their own set of needs and features. So, in a battle between Uber vs Bolt, who is better? There is only one possible response.

we'll provide you with crucial details regarding these e hailing apps in this blog. But first, let's learn a bit about these two brands.

Brief About Uber

Uber is a technology business based in the United States founded in 2009. It is the most popular platform for active riders. Uber was founded when technology was only beginning to gain traction in the world, with the rise of smartphones and the advent of app stores. 

Uber has grown tremendously over the years, from a firm that began as a "touch a button, get a ride" service to something much more significant. It now offers ride-sharing and carpooling, meal delivery and freight transportation, self-driving cars, urban aviation, scooter, and electric bike rentals, among other services.

Uber is one of the largest companies in the gig economy. This organization is operating in over 900 cities worldwide. Uber is passionate about influencing the future of mobility and improving people's lives, from how they eat to how they work from home.

Brief About Bolt

Bolt (Taxify) is an Estonian mobility startup that began operations in 2013 with 50 drivers. Bolt was created out of a goal to make people's movements faster, easier, and less expensive. With the introduction of the Bolt; the sustainability and accessibility of urban mobility have improved.

Bolt app provides you with transportation in minutes; all you have to do is select your destination, request your ride, meet your driver, and relax. Although experience is the most critical factor when looking for work, the Bolt team places a greater emphasis on drive, integrity, and intelligence. They want people who can learn quickly, work hard, and care about others because thousands of workers at Bolt started with no prior experience.

Bolt has grown to become the fastest-growing transportation platform globally, with over 70 nationalities, 2600 employees, 75 million customers, and more than 1.6 million drivers serving 250+ cities in 45 countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa, Western Asia, and Middle East America.

Lagos, Kano, Warri, Calabar, Owerri, Umuahia, Zaria, Ibadan, Abuja, Uyo, Benin city, Akure, and other cities in Nigeria are all served by Bolt. Bolt also offers micro-mobility rental, automobile sharing, and meal delivery services via Bolt food to stay relevant and remarkable.

Which is less expensive, Bolt vs Uber?


To oust Uber from the market, Bolt cut its transportation charges to make them more fair and accessible to their clients. Bolt app also distributes promotional codes to its consumers, allowing them to take advantage of a fantastic deal.


According to several evaluations, Uber's trip charge or cab fares look to be greater than Bolt's. You can also wonder which is better: Uber or Bolt.

Which of the two companies pays drivers more, Uber vs Bolt?

Uber Drivers

After a successful journey, Uber takes a percentage of the total trip charges, generally between 20% and 30% of the entire amount paid. It reveals that the drivers get a more considerable portion of the money (70 percent to 80 percent).

Bolt Drivers

Following a successful trip, Bolt gets 25% to 20% of the entire amount paid per trip. It reveals that bolt drivers receive a larger share of the total payment (80 percent to 85 percent).

Cancellation Cost: Comparing Uber and Bolt


If you cancel a ride after booking it, Uber will charge you a cancellation fee, which will charge to your next trip.


If a driver has accepted your request and cancelled the trip after two minutes, you will be charged a cancellation fee. But, if the driver withdraws the request after waiting for the customer for more than 5-8 minutes, a cancellation fee will be levied. Everything is subject to market conditions.

Which is the Safest: Uber or Bolt?


Uber's smartphone app has safety features that allow consumers to share their travel status and alert their loved ones where they are. This tool is intended to assist if the need arises, for example, if anything happens while your journey progresses.

Uber app gives unrestricted access to customer assistance via their app 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to allow emergency reaction if you meet unexpected issues or accidents during your trip.

In addition, Uber has made a two-way rating system available to aid and keep both drivers and customers safe. Uber tracks all of its journeys from start to finish using the Geographic Positioning System (GPS), allowing all of its partners to follow their rides and know where they are headed. Before entering the car, you may view the driver's face and license plate number via the app.

If your journey involves an unplanned extended pause, the Uber platform offers a RideCheck tool that detects such movements using GPS data and sensors. Uber customer service will contact you in such circumstances and give helpful resources.

The Uber app allows you to authenticate your trip using a PIN to guarantee that you are inputting the correct brand of car (for example, red, blue, or white Nissan) and driver's face as visible on the app while making your request.

Uber also provides additional safety precautions such as appropriate driver screening, driver hour limitations, speed limit alerts, and vehicle inspection.


Before hiring, Bolt verifies all of its drivers using its verification platform. Their verification procedure entails thoroughly inspecting each document submitted by drivers to ensure that their information matches all official databases.

Bolt is in partnership with the company “YouVerify” for proper documentation of drivers.

When you request a trip on the Bolt app, it will show you all the driver's name and photo, car's license, plate number, and model/make information.

As an added safety step, they provide an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) tool that allows customers to share their travel status live on the map, including the complete driver data, with friends and loved ones.

Bolt offers a rating option that allows you to rate the services of drivers. They also provide ride trip security, which protects your possessions from the beginning to the journey's finish. In other words, Bolt covers each journey.

How can a customer reclaim a lost item from Uber or Bolt?


In this case, you must notify the Uber driver about your missing item and confirm that you left it inside the car. Depending on the location, the customer is asked to pay the driver a return charge for his work and time once his item is returned.


Bolt's compensation payout is dependent on the judgment in this regard since Bolt encourages its customers to consider the driver's time and effort to recover their lost belongings.

Safety measures for drivers: Bolt vs Uber

These precautions are taken to guarantee that nothing jeopardizes the drivers' safety.


  • Drivers may view the personal information and profiles of passengers.
  • Another advantage provided to drivers is feedback after each journey.
  • Drivers of bolts are also tracked along the journey.
  • The Bolt taxi app has navigation software that assists drivers while driving.
  • Drivers can also obtain insurance.
  • Drivers are advised to report any uneasy encounters with passengers.
  • These are the safety precautions that both Uber and Bolt drivers receive when providing their services.


  • Drivers can verify riders.
  • It is also critical to provide comments after each meal.
  • It would be beneficial to be cautious with the riders' personal information.
  • The usage of a seat belt is also essential.
  • Uber apps are monitored during the journey.
  • The software is designed to keep both the rider and the driver safe.
  • Uber also has customer service representatives who are available during emergencies.

So there you have it!

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Is Bolt safer than Uber?

In comparison to Bolt, Uber offers several significant service advantages. Because security is always a problem in South Africa, Uber offers robust in-app security that will make you feel safer.

Which is better, Bolt or Uber?

Bolt also outperforms in terms of safety, owing to its in-app SOS option and 24/7 help for any other difficulties. It's difficult to argue that Uber is still the finest option for ride-hailing in the city. It has more drivers, so riders have a better chance of finding a suitable ride quickly. We don't know what the future holds or how the odds may change, but for the time being, Uber is unquestionably a superior app to download.

Riders can examine the rated speed of services via feedback, cancellation costs, and other criteria. If you are undecided, this will assist you in deciding which one to select.

On the other hand, drivers must consider the application procedures, training process, and vehicle specifications to choose which one is best for them.

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Between Uber and Bolt, which is cheaper?

Bolt charges a commission fee of 10% to 20%, whereas Uber charges a commission rate of 25%. To compete with their competitors, they reduced the price from the outset.


Uber Vs. Bolt: Which is Better?

To summarise, selecting better riding services from these companies would be difficult. However, it might simply be a matter of personal choice.

Although Bolt has lower ride pricing, Uber also has other fantastic experiences that give it an advantage.

We evaluated the two firms in this post based on several characteristics for both drivers and riders.