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GPApp - GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator & Predictor


GPApp is an easy to use GPA calculating and grade predicting assistant. It'll help you calculate your GPA, check the range of potential cumulative GPAs you can have by the end of the semester...

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Features of GPApp - GPA Calculator:

  • GPA Calculator & Predictor
  • Customizable grade values
  • Keeps track of your history
  • Quick, instant semester and cumulative
  • Class grade calculator
  • Check the range of cumulative GPAs
  • Check all possible grade combinations


Fourpoint makes it easy for to calculate the GPA of a single semesters, and the cumulative GPA of your educational career...

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Features of Fourpoint - A GPA Calculator:

  • GPA made easy with Fourpoint
  • Add past GPA history with two numbers:
  • Set a course to not count toward your GPA
  • Useful Bits
  • Enter the GPA History


Grades - Grade Calculator, GPA

Grade Calculator & GPA Tracker


Grades shows what you need to get on your next test to hit your target grades and GPA....

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Features of Grades - Grade Calculator, GPA:

  • Grade Calculator
  • GPA Calculator
  • Custom icons and colors
  • Grouped assignments and extra credit
  • Weighted or Points grading
  • Supports all GPA scales
  • Light and dark modes
  • Wicked fast customer support


TReC is a FREE GPA Calculator app. It has numerous tertiary schools from Ghana and Nigeria onboard. This app does more than just to calculate your GPA/CGPA/CWA....

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Features of TReC GPA Calculator:

  • Grade Estimation
  • Track your academic performance
  • Security
  • Results Privacy