Love is the best feeling in the world, but 2023 seems like a downer year when it comes to dating. Due to Covid-19 virus, all the restaurants, bars, and social gathering events have been shut down. So, how will you meet the love of your life?

Is the traditional way of meeting people prevalent?

What’s your best bet against online vs traditional dating?

Well, thanks to the modern innovations in app development, you can meet your special one staying safe at home. Most of us have already tried dating online but gave up on the first app we tried. But, hey there are plenty of fish out there, and I’m talking about dating apps.

Some Statistics on Online Dating Apps:

  • Roughly six-in-ten online daters (57%) say they have had an overall positive experience with these platforms.
  • 54% of Americans say online dating relationships could be just as successful as the ones that begin in person.
  • Tinder and Bumble, collective have approximately 13 million users just in the US.
  • 43% of online daters are in the age group of 25-34 years old.
  • 48% of online dating app users use such apps for fun, while 19% are looking for a partner, and 13% are just looking for casual sex.



By now, you must have understood how much people are longing for a meaningful connection while staying at home in this quarantine. It’s one of the most accessed app category in 2023. Starting a new relation or even looking for a suitable partner could be tough for many; online dating apps try to make it a bit easy with technology.

In this blog we brought to you the best 7 dating apps to try in 2023, did your favorite app make the cut? Try out from the above 7 apps to find the love of your life, tell us how was the online dating experience for you. You can also read the top Black dating apps of 2023 here.