Who doesn’t like to receive surprise gifts? That excitement gets multiplied when someone surprises you by giving you the gift with the thing you have been thinking of purchasing for a long time. But those chances are pretty slim. That moment when you unbox the gift you have received on your birthday or anniversary. Those two seconds between opening the gift and seeing the gift are the most adrenaline-rushing moments. But how many times has it occurred that the gift is something you needed? For the most time, these gifts are something we remotely hope for!

Don’t worry! Next time when it’s any special occasion, you are most likely to find a gift that you crave. The team at AppsHive has downloaded some of the apps and used them for a while, and they came up with five stunning apps for gift-giving. Below we have mentioned these best gift recommendation apps with their unique features. The apps are mentioned in no particular order.

Gifting Apps for Android and iOS Users


Gift-giving and receiving is an unexplainable feeling. Why stick with the traditional gift-giving methods when you have access to the best gift-giving apps that are just one touch away. We have also curated a list of the best christmas apps which you can use to make your Christmas time more enjoyable.

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