While cities worldwide are full of singletons looking to date, it becomes challenging for people in rural areas (especially for farmers) to find a perfect match for them. Farmers’ life is hard. They spend their time thinking about growing crops and hardly getting enough time to think about their personal life. However, it is equally necessary for them to find someone with whom they could feel loved. Also, sometimes it becomes easier to choose from online versus traditional dating.

It is said in the U.S. that finding an agrarian date isn’t easy. According to a report, there are around 2.3 million farmers in the U.S., and those who are single don’t get enough time for candle-lit dinners.

So, in the hopes of helping people in rural and agricultural communities, cowboys, cowgirls, and ranchers we at AppsHive have rounded up the top 5 dating apps for farmers to help them find the right partner without interrupting their farming. If you are interested in mainstream dating apps, then you can also see our list of best dating apps.

Therefore, explore these apps, choose what best suits your needs, find your partner, and submerge into your fairy tale loving romance.

Top Farmers Dating Apps


The Lives of farmers and country people are comparatively hard. Imagine you are on a date with a farmer boy or girl who may fall asleep at 8 p.m. No doubt, working on a farm, hand-weeding for 10 hours, and riding a horse for thousands of miles, they hardly have time to personal love life. These 5 farmer dating apps help them make their love life more exciting and romantic. All apps have adequately been tested, though we advise you to examine the app before you download it. If you liked these dating apps, then you might also like the list of best useful apps for farmers