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Google Keep vs. Evernote: Which is the Best?

Jun 07, 2022

By AppsHive Team

Google Keep vs Evernote

Are you noting down vital things, scratching them off, or wasting ample time finding those notes? We understand the hustle is real, mainly if you use a traditional way of noting things down with pen and paper.

It's time to get smarter, not just with your phones but with your habits too. Trust me, with these note-taking apps, things become beautifully organized. Also, whenever you need to refer to any information, it's just a few taps away.

So, now when you decide to enter the digital world, the first vital question is which note-taking app is best? All the apps offer you Android, iOS, and Website versions, but which one to choose?

There is a hot debate about Google Keep vs. Evernote. Both of them offer you fantastic features. But before deciding, it's essential to know two things: the application's features and what kind of notes you usually record.

Are images taking too much space? Or do you just note down things without adding much glitter?

Your needs and features would ultimately decide which platform best caters to your needs. So, hop on as we unbox the characteristics of both the apps.

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a solid note tracking app. Actually, Google has done a terrific job with Google Keep notes. It offers one an ideal collaborative environment for managing tasks.

So, next time a top-notch idea pops in your head, you can simply note it down in the Google Keep note-taking application. Here are some fantastic features of note-taking apps.


There are unique features of making notes on google keep. Here are some of the most remarkable features of Google Keep.

  • Your google keep is attached to your google account. So, one doesn't need to remember extra login details. Simply, one can log in to their Google account and use Google Keep.
  • Add images in notes. Simply one can insert pictures from their laptop, or else it even provides you the option for taking live pictures.
  • Checklist (tick-mark or erase things that are done)
  • Option of viewing the notes either via list view or Grid view.
  • Pin Note that keeps your important notes on the top of the list.
  • Search option that allows easy search for notes via tags, images, and labels.
  • Simply share your notes with other google accounts. So, for instance, you can make changes in the notes that keep other people updated.
  • Color Background to easily distinguish the notes by adding different colors.
  • Similar to the previous point, one can add themes to their notes to make them more attractive.
  • Add reminders to your notes, pen down the time, and give it a name. Google Keep would remind you. You can turn your existing notes into reminders.
  • People would even want to have doodles, and Google Keep quickly provides the tool for creating extremely beautiful doodles.
  • Create a list of things and attach them to one folder. For instance, make a shopping list and keep adding new notes to it.

What Exoctic Features Does Google Keep Offer?

There are many best note-taking apps available, but here are some irresistible features of Google Keep that stand out above all other applications.

1. Voice Recording Feature

Unable to pen down your thoughts or quickly want to note things down? The superb feature of recording the notes offers the users a seamless experience of noting things most rapidly. No other app can make the voice recording accurate and precise like Google Keep. That's why the apps stand out among the rest of the applications.

2. Read Later

Stumble upon a relevant article, and something pops up, and you switch to other things? Next time, take a pause and click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of chrome, select share, and tap the Google Keep icon. It will ask you to label the note and save it on Google Keep. Simple, easy, and fast.

3. E-mail

Need an email in the notes? You can easily access your Gmail, and there is an option in the right sidebar of google notes. You need to attach the pin to the Google Keep notes for future reference.

4. Location Reminder

The most exotic feature of Google Keep is the location reminder. We love this feature and hope you would equally love it. The next time you want to be reminded of something, as soon as you sit in a drug store or a library, you will get a reminder from google keep.

Simply, just note down the notes about the reminder and the place where you would like to be reminded. And, next time, you get step-in and your pings.


Google Keep is free of cost for the users, and it is entirely free for people who already have a Google account. Yes, but one would have to pay a certain amount if one runs out of storage. But the payment will include all the other Google apps.

That was all about Google Keep, so now let's jump next into how Evernote can offer some different and attractive features.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is again an excellent app for managing your notes and crucial information. It is specially designed for organizing your notes, task management, and archiving them. Note-taking was developed by Evernote Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Evernote is a powerful tool to help executives, entrepreneurs, and creative people capture and arrange their ideas. All you have to do is use it. — Forbes

Let’s explore the features of this alternative app to Google Keep.


Note: A note is where you write your content. Note down whenever the idea strikes your mind.

Notebook: A notebook is a collection of notes, and you can create a notebook under which you can make various other notes.

Tags: You can give different tags to your notes. For instance, if you found a great recipe, you can tag it under your favorite recipes or, for example, under lunch or dinner tags.

Shortcuts: If you need to write a note repeatedly, you can add quick links to your favorite notes. So they would appear in the shortcuts bar and are easily accessible.

Scratch Pad: A feature that allows you to scribble your thoughts. You can note them down and erase them later, and you can save them to your notes.

Voice Notes: One can even record notes through voice notes and save them. A fantastic option that would save time and seamlessly record your notes.

What Exoctic Features Do Evernote Offer?

1. Web Clips:

Liked something while surfing the internet? Now directly link the page in your Evernote. It's an extension that copies your web content straight to your Notebooks.

2. Scan Documents:

One doesn't need to download a separate document for scanning documents. Easily keep notes and track your documents by attaching them to the Evernote app. Once you have installed the app, it even lets you grab images, text, and even whole web pages. One can also add tags when you clip the document on your Evernote.

3. Features of Premium Account:
  • Upload limit increases- From 60MB a month to 10GB for premium.
  • App integration- Integrate easily with Google accounts and even slack.
  • AI Integrations- One can quickly get suggestions about the related web pages that seem relevant to your content.


Here is the cost analysis of how much does the note-keeping app Evernote charge you;-

Evernote plans



Google Keep VS Evernote: Which One is Better?

There is no doubt that both the note-taking applications are phenomenal—irrespective of the fact that both of them offer different features and each of them is amazing.

In Evernote versus Google Keep, the latter offers you unique features of location reminders and on the other hand, Evernote provides you with the option of scanning the document.

Also, Google Keep can be linked to your Google account while you need to pay extra charges in Evernote for connecting your account with Google. Here we talked about Evernote vs Google Keep and how each note-taking helps you in being productive.

The choice of the note-taking app highly depends on your needs. Each note-taking can be customized with a range of templates, so choose the one that best caters to your needs.

There are other best productivity apps available on Play Store and App Store better than Google Keep and Evernote. You can try those and select the one according to your requirements.