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RecipeIQ: Recipe Calculator

Recipe Calorie Calculator

Food & Drink

The only recipe analyzer that calculates the nutrition facts of homemade meals, empowering you to cook & eat healthy! Snap a photo or add a link - RecipeIQ does the rest....

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  • 2.9

  • 76

  • 10,000+


Features of RecipeIQ: Recipe Calculator:

  • The nutrition calculator app for cooks-dieters-foodies and families
  • Take a photoes of any recpie
  • Create custom recipes
  • Favorite recipes
  • Convert in pounds-cups-grams and liters
  • Calculate the total nutritional value
  • Healthy meals plan


Cooking Calculator

Your kitchen helper!

Food & Drink

Have you ever found yourself in this situation: you have a great recipe, but you try to figure out the right amounts of ingredients or to fit a particular number of servings....

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Features of Cooking Calculator:

  • Clean and easy interface to use
  • Supports volume, weight, and temperature conversions
  • Enter amounts and view results in standard cooking fractions
  • Quickly scale your recipes using fractions
  • 250+ Baking Ingredients
  • Liquid/Volume
  • Dry/Weight
  • Oven Temperature
  • Metric, UK and US units
  • Volume Converter


Cupful is an app that allows you to easily convert quantities of ingredients from volume....

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  • 4.1

  • 145

  • 50,000+


Features of Cupful - Ingredient Weight-Volume Converter:

  • Easily convert quantities of ingredients from volume
  • Over 500 different ingredients supported
  • It's an essential tool for every baker and chef
  • Precise measurements for helpfull in their baking and cooking